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VaRMEnT PRS Regional Match

Current PRS Rule Book


The VaRMEnT PRS Regional Match is a Sanctioned Regional Match managed under the PRS rules, with points acquired during this match to be applied to the Regional PRS match series.

Match Fees - $80 payable:
DRPC Store - VaRMEnT PRS Regional Match
Exact Cash the morning of the match


The Precision Rifle Series is the preeminent rifle organization in the world, structuring a yearly points race for both the PRS Pro-Bolt Gun Series and the PRS Regional Series. The PRS Championship Shooting Series is synonymous with precision rifle shooting. The PRS is home to countless competitors including 6,000 active PRS shooters with scores being tracked. The PRS unites the 40 most renowned national pro series precision rifle competitions and continues to expand the PRS Regional Series, which hosts hundreds of one-day matches from coast to coast. The International PRS Series is advancing in South Africa and Australia to name a few. The influence of the PRS, with more than 1000 professional-level competitors and a growing global presence, extends in every conceivable direction inspiring the precision rifle community at its grassroots, hometown level.

We are recognized as the leading organizing body for local, regional, and national matches, tracking of scores, and the growth of the practical, long-range rifle discipline. By incorporating the visions of the PRS shooters, match directors, and sponsors we strive to achieve competitive excellence in each series and cultivate opportunities for shooters at every level. The PRS is committed to working alongside our partners to deliver a world-class Precision Rifle Series Organization.

The outlaw nature of the sport has made this a very unique collection of matches in all of the series. Matches are run very differently, focus on different fundamentals, and include a vast number of stressors, no two PRS matches are the same! This provides for regional variances that are unique and very challenging. Texas and Oklahoma matches are far different from the west coast and east coast matches and allow the shooter to really test the full extent of their capabilities by participating in both the national level Pro-Bolt Gun Series two-day competitions and the local Regional Series one-day competitions.

Born out of Military, Law Enforcement, and Hunting scenarios, the practical application of the precision rifle is the underlying theme for all series. Whether you are looking for a local club to join or you want to test yourself against the best shooters in the nation and the world, the Precision Rifle Series has a spot for you.


The Precision Rifle Series is and will continue to expand as the preeminent precision rifle organization in the world.


To promote and grow the sport of competitive precision rifle shooting in a safe, fair, and practical manner for shooters of all skill levels and ages.

Promote the Sport:

We seek to promote awareness of the sport and our organization to inspire participation in competitive precision rifle shooting.

Build a Base:

We seek to expand our membership and strengthen the sport at all levels, from grassroots to the best national competitions, in order to engage as many people as possible in the discipline of precision rifle shooting.

Expand Connections:

We seek to connect and support competitors, MD's, and industry leaders across the world through our organizational structure, innovation, and partnerships.

Achieve Sustained Competitive Success:

We seek to continue the rich tradition of competitive success at organized local, regional, and national competitions.  


The Rules & Standard Operating Procedures apply to all PRS-sanctioned events including but not limited to PRS National Two-Day matches and PRS Regional One-Day matches.  Safety is the first and highest priority before, during, and after all PRS competitions and is everyone’s responsibility. Anyone who observes an unsafe act can call a cease-fire at any point during an event.  PRS competitions are designed to test a shooter’s ability to shoot accurately, correct for environmental factors effectively, and solve problems quickly. Each course of fire at a PRS event will be very practical in nature and relative to common aspects of long-range precision rifle engagements.

A high level of professionalism and sportsmanship is expected at each PRS event. All participants, including Match Directors, Range Officers, shooters, and spectators will be treated with the utmost respect at all times. Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated at PRS events and will result in an immediate match disqualification and in certain instances may be grounds for expulsion from the Series. PRS courses of fire (COF) are individual events designed to test a shooter’s individual skill and ability. Therefore, coaching a shooter while they are conducting a stage is prohibited. Assistance before and after a stage is not only authorized but encouraged especially for new shooters.

Match Info and Shooters Notes

Match Itinerary:
6:30 AM Sign-in starts
7:00 AM Zero range opens
8:00 AM All squad’s final - no shooters permitted after squad's finalized
8:30 AM Safety brief
9:00 AM Match begins
2:00 PM Match ends, lunch, scores

Late shows will forefit their entry fee if paid electronically. If you have difficulties registering for the match through Practiscore.

Any other questions regarding the VaRMEnT PRS Match may be directed via email at: varmentps@desotogunrange.com

1.    Each squad will have a Range Officer appointed.
2.    RSO Option 2 will be used for spotting.
3.    Squadding will be instituted by the MD within PractiScore. The MD reserves the right to move shooters around to balance squads, but will make every attempt to keep shooters who squad together in the same squad.
4.    Shooters are to remain in their respective squad for the entire match, with exceptions only at the MD approval.
5.    Each Range Officer will be responsible for following the PRS, General, and Stage rules.
6.    Prior to the start of each stage, the Range Officer will read the Stage Description, the Target Distance, the Target Size, the PAR Time, and total points possible to be earned.
7.    The stage will not begin until all shooters in the squad are present.
8.    Shooters will be given a two-minute prep time prior to the start of the stage. Shooters WILL NOT be allowed to practice getting onto a stage during the prep time.
9.    Shooter order will rotate at each stage and will follow the order of the stage number (eg. Stage 1, shooter 1 starts, Stage 3, Shooter 3 starts, etc..).
10. All shooters are safety officers. If you see a safety infraction, politely and respectfully assist each other in conducting a safe match. If there is a disagreement, notify the Range Officer(s) or Match Director and we will address it immediately.
11. Practiscore will be the primary scoring application used to track match scores.
12. Once the entire squad has completed a stage, the RO will arbitrate by calling out all scores for each shooter of that stage. Arbitration shall be done immediately after the RO completes calling the scores out. Arbitration at the end of the match will be performed to validate accuracy of the scores in PractiScore only, not what each shooter actually shot, that is to be done at the end of each stage.
13. ALL discrepancies are to be brought to the attention of the MD immediately.

General Rules

1.    A Range Safety Briefing shall be completed at the shooters meeting, detailing procedures and responsibilities should an emergency arise.
2.    Match Directors and Range Officers will be tasked to ensure all Shooters understand safety protocol.
3.    DR&PC is a, “cold range”. All firearms are to be kept in a safe, “bolt open and back” condition until on the firing line and given the command to load.
4.    Chamber flag use is MANDATORY. Do not come to/off the firing line without a chamber flag in your chamber. Violators will be issued a warning before being disqualified. If you lose your chamber flag, the match director will provide an alternate means to ensure the weapon is deemed safe until a chamber flag can be acquired. NOTE: Match Director will have extra Chamber Flags available for a price.
5.    Tripods and monopods are allowed at shooters discretion unless the match card states otherwise. Tripods and monopods must be carried in-hand, legs may be extended and for tripods, deployed at the start of the course of fire.  MD's must be consulted if a tripod or monopod will be offered for use by a novice shooter where the tripod or monopod will be left at the barricade instead of being carried in hand. Use of a tripod or monopod shall only be used as a brace, no gun may be installed/mounted to the top of a tripod or monopod in lieu of use of a barricade. 
6.    All movement during the course of a stage will be conducted with magazine in and bolt open and back (for gas guns, the gun on safe with an audible call of, "Safe" by the shooter).
7.    Keep finger out of trigger guard until under glass, the target identified, and you are ready to fire. Negligent Discharges (NG) or Accidental Discharges (AD) may result in removal from the match after consulting with the MD. A ND is a result of a shooter error whereas an AD is a result of equipment malfunction. 
8.    Failed Target – We will replace with a similar size or if unavailable, the MD will advise to Double-tap a specified target.
9.    Reshoot – Failed target or Flipped Target
·         1 Reshoots shall only be permitted in the event of an interruption of the stage that was outside the control of the shooter. This may include broken targets, called cease fires for any reason not caused by the shooter, a broken prop or shooting support, or any other deemed reasonable by the Match Director. Reshoots will not be permitted for equipment malfunctions unless the firearm was provided as a “house gun”. Nor shall they be permitted for shooters who claim to have not understood the stage rules after the stage begins (stage begins when time has been started), nor permitted due to variations or irregularities in RO commands. Shooters who are granted a reshoot must reshoot the stage in the same manner with the exact same equipment.
·         2 With MD approval, the RO can give a shooter the option for a reshoot without having been asked by the shooter if the RO observes an incident which hindered the shooter. 
·         3 The shooter can request a reshoot if he/she believes one is warranted. The shooter will have a period of two minutes to explain his grievance to an RO. The RO will then contact the match director to determine if a reshoot will be granted.
·         4 There are two types of reshoots in PRS Competitions.
·         4.1 A Full Reshoot means the shooter will run the entire COF over from start to finish.
·         4.2 A Partial Reshoot means the shooter is placed in the exact same position they were in at the time of the stoppage and will have the exact amount of time placed back as 21 on the clock which was remaining at the time of the stoppage. If either the position or the time remaining cannot be determined, the shooter must take a full reshoot.
·         5 Once a shooter reshoots a stage, they MUST take the reshoot score.
·         6 Mulligans defined as an authorized “second try” or “do over” of a stage is not permitted in any PRS sanctioned match. 
10. Entry fees will not be refunded for any reason once the match has begun.
11. Muzzles will be pointed down range and in a safe direction at all times. Do not “SWEEP” fellow shooters or RO’s. A strict 120-degree rule (60 degree left or right of down range) will be enforced during every stage.
12. At the end of each stage, each shooter must check their scores before moving to the next stage. Any shooter who does not check their score will forfeit their right to challenge that stage after the fact. If there is a discrepancy, shooters will have a “challenge period” to discuss the disagreement. That challenge period will last as long as that stage is ongoing or before the next stage starts. If the Range Officer and shooter cannot come to an understanding, the Match Director will confer with any other observers to determine the outcome.
13. All stages will be timed (PAR Time). Time for each stage will be specified in the shooters meeting and match books where provided.
14. Cancelation and Makeup Dates will be posted on the DR&PC website and DR&PC Facebook page.

Range Officer Commands

·         Do you understand the COF – shooters chance to acknowledge or ask for clarification of how to shoot the stage.
·         Load and Make Ready – load weapon from a static position.
·         Spotter Ready - ensures someone is on glass and ready to call impacts.
·         Scorekeeper Ready – ensures someone is on the tablet and ready to score shooter.
·         Shooter Ready - last chance for shooter to ensure ready and acknowledge RO before given the Standby call.
·         Stand by – prepare to engage or get ready to move.
·         Engage – engage targets or begin movement.
·         Cease fire – stop firing and make weapon safe.
·         Unload and show clear – empty the chamber and show RO chamber is clear, move bolt/bolt carrier group to the rear and lock open.
·         Mag Out– shooter to remove the magazine if equipped.
·         Flag In– shooter to insert the Empty Chamber Indicator (Flag) and vacate the shooting position.
·         Impact – shooter hit the engaged target.
·         Miss/incorrect target, reengage – shooter missed the intended target, engaged the wrong target, or  needs to reengaged the same target.


VaRMEnT Steel Precision Rifle Match


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