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DeSoto Rifle & Pistol Club

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DeSoto Rifle & Pistol Club NRL22 Rifle Match

Any questions regarding the NRL22  Rifle Match may be directed via email at: 


NRL22 Match Fee

Hold Harmless Waiver Form
Match Director Safety Briefing

2023 Rules


The Desoto Rifle & Pistol Club 22 LR Precision Rifle Match is a competitive, precision shooting match which draws its roots from the NRL series. We utilize a variety of shooting positions to engage different size steel targets, at different distances from the firing line at the 600-yard range with 22 rifles. Multiple shooting positions, multiple plates, and multiple distances, come test your skills!

Match Fees

-$25 payable during sign-up on the day of the match or via the online payment below.
Online payment


Using current range infrastructure and equipment, shooters will compete in a match comprised of multiple stages, developed to test every shooters skill, and their grit. Each stage consists of a variety of different sized steel targets, at different distances, shot from different shooting positions. Shooting sequence and scoring will be established by the Match Director and will be clearly explained prior to each match during the shooters meeting and by the Range Officer prior to the start of each stage (match books may be distributed at check-in to explain each stage). Match scores will be retained by the Match Director and posted on the website and DR&PC Facebook page. Shooter of the year will be required to compete in a minimum of five matches, with the top five scores being used to determine “Shooter of the Year”; the End of Year match is eligible to be used as one of the five matches.

Match Info and Shooters Notes

  1. Each squad will have a Range Officer appointed.
  2. Squadding will be instituted with more than four shooters competing.
  3. Shooters are to remain in their respective squad for the entire match.
  4. Scores are comprehensive for the match, not by the squad.
  5. Each Range Officer will be responsible for following the stage rules, provide oversight of the General Rules, provide callouts per the Range Officer Commands, ensure safe and efficiently run stages, and score each shooter in their squad (this may be performed using other spotters to assist with shot calls)
  6. Prior to the start of each stage, the Range Officer will read the Stage Description, the Target Distance, the Target Size, the PAR Time, and total points possible to be earned.
  7. The stage will not begin until all shooters in the squad are present.
  8. Shooters will be given a two-minute prep time prior to the start of the stage. Shooters WILL NOT be allowed to practice getting onto a stage during the prep time.
  9. At Match Directors Discretion – Shooter order will rotate at each stage and will follow the order of the stage number (eg. Stage 1, shooter 1 starts, Stage 3, Shooter 3 starts, etc..)
  10. Spotters will be required for each squad. Every spotter is human and a shooter like you. If something slips through, bring it up to the Range Officer and we will make it right.
  11. All competitors are safety officers. If you see a safety infraction, politely and respectfully assist each other in conducting a safe match. If there is a disagreement, notify the Range Officer(s) or Match Director and we will address it immediately.
  12. The number of stages/courses of fire will vary from match to match.
  13. Monthly matches – there will be a round count of 50.
  14. End of year match – there will a round count of 80.
  15. Practiscore will be the primary scoring application used to track match scores.

General Rules

  1. A Range Safety Briefing shall be completed at the shooters meeting, detailing procedures and responsibilities should an emergency arise.
  2. Match Directors and Range Officers will be tasked to ensure all Shooters understand safety protocol.
  3. DR&PC is a, “cold range”. All firearms are to be kept in a safe, “bolt open and back” condition until on the firing line and given the command to load.
  4. Chamber flag use is MANDATORY. Do not come to/off the firing line without a chamber flag in your chamber. Violators will be issued a warning before being disqualified. If you lose your chamber flag, the match director will provide an alternate means to ensure the weapon is deemed safe until a chamber flag can be acquired. NOTE: Match Director will have extra Chamber Flags available for a price.
  5. All movement will be conducted with magazine in and bolt open and back (for gas guns, the gun on safe).
  6. Keep finger out of trigger guard until under glass, the target identified and you are ready to fire. Negligent Discharges (NG) or Accidental Discharges (AD) will result in removal from the match.
  7. Entry fees will not be refunded for any reason once the match has begun.
  8. Muzzles will be pointed down range and in a safe direction at all times. Do not “SWEEP” fellow competitors or RO’s. A strict 120 degree rule (60 degree left or right of down range) will be enforced during every stage.
  9. At the end of each stage, each shooter must check their scores before moving to the next stage. Any competitor who does not check their score will forfeit their right to challenge that stage after the fact. If there is a discrepancy, shooters will have a, “challenge period” to discuss the disagreement. That challenge period will last as long as that stage is on going or before the next stage starts. If the Range Officer and shooter can not come to an understanding, the Match Director will confer with any other observers to determine the outcome.
  10. All stages will be timed (PAR Time). Time for each stage will be specified in the shooters meeting and match books where provided.
  11. Cancellation and Makeup Dates will be posted on the website and DR&PC Facebook page.

Range Officer Commands

Do you understand the COF – event is about to begin

Load and Make Ready – load weapon from a static position

Stand by – prepare to engage or get ready to move

Engage – engage targets or begin movement

Cease fire – stop firing and make weapon safe

Unload and show clear – empty the chamber, drop magazine, move bolt to the rear, insert range flag (or alternate procedure), allow the range officer to clear you off the line.

Impact – shooter hit the engaged target

Miss, incorrect target, reengage – shooter engaged the wrong target or missed the engaged target

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