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DeSoto Rifle & Pistol Club

Shotmarker Training Presentation and Shotmarker Manual

All non-qualified, and previously qualified (600 yds) Shotmarker Trained members SHALL complete this training to add either 200 yds, 600 yds, or both 200 yds & 600 yds Shotmarker Trained qualifications.

RO's must ensure all members adding this qualification complete training, and that their membership record and card be updated.

Long range qualified will receive both 200 yds and 600 yds locker combinations.

Non-Long range will only receive 200 yds locker combination until a Long range qualification is acquired.

RO's, stamp members cards appropriately per the training document and only issue Shotmarker Locker combinations for the qualification the member is eligible for. 

ShotMarker Qualification Training


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