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DeSoto Rifle & Pistol Club is proud to be an IDPA International Affiliated Club. From the IDPA website: IDPA is the use of practical equipment including full charge service ammunition to solve simulated “real world” self-defense scenarios using practical handguns and holsters that are suitable for self-defense use. The main goal is to test the skill and ability of an individual in a safe and enjoyable way.

If you are looking for a fun and enjoyable way to get more trigger time on your favorite pistol or carry pistol, please come out and join us for IDPA.

IDPA Information

General DRPC IDPA Information

  • Dates: Please check the Calendar for the up to date schedule of IDPA matches. Match schedule is typically the 4th Saturday of the month, though some months the schedule will change due to other events and conflicts.
  • Time:
    • May – September: Setup starts at 7:00 AM. Registration is at 8:15 AM. Safety brief and stage walkthrough at 8:30 AM.
    • October – April: Setup starts at 8:00 AM. Registration is at 9:15 AM. Safety brief and stage walkthrough at 9:30 AM.
  • Please come for setup and be early–we cannot take additional entries after the safety brief and stage walkthrough has started.
  • Please consider helping with setup and teardown.
  • Changes: If the weather looks questionable, shooters are advised to monitor our website after 7:15 AM for updates.
  • Cost: $15.00 for DeSoto Rifle & Pistol Club members and $20.00 for non-members. You will pay at the match, but please register and squad ahead of time.
  • Registration: Visit the DR&PC IDPA page on Practiscore.com.
  • Equipment: See equipment list below for starting recommendations.
  • Match size: 24-30
  • Prerequisites: Per IDPA rules, you MUST be a current member in good standing with IDPA after shooting three IDPA matches with any club. Join IDPA by clicking here.
  • Restrictions:
    • Open to all safe shooters who want to have fun and hone their pistol skills, including non-members of DeSoto Rifle & Pistol Club.
    • Eye and ear protection is required for all shooters.
  • Past match scores: Visit this page on Practiscore.com.
  • Equipment (not all inclusive, be sure to read the rules!)
    • A safe and operable pistol in a self-defense caliber (e.g. 9mm and larger in semi-auto/PCC and 38 Special and larger in revolver).
    • Eye and ear protection.
    • At least 200 rounds of ammunition. Though most matches are around 100-125 rounds, we may shoot a longer match on some days.
    • A strong-side hip holster that is correctly fitted to your pistol.
    • NO nylon or other soft holsters. No appendix, cross draw, shoulder holsters. All holsters must be worn on the strong-side hip–IWB or OWB.
    • NO Serpa or other holsters where you must disengage a locking mechanism during the draw. Exception: LEO duty gear with retention strap for LEO using full duty gear.
    • At least three magazines or speed loaders for your pistol (more is always better in case of special stages or malfunction).
    • A magazine carrier for two magazines.
    • PCC entrants have the option to use or not use magazine carriers currently.
    • BUG entrants may need three to four magazines and carriers.
    • REV entrants may need three to four speed loaders/moon clips and carriers.
    • A quality gun belt.
    • No double layer belts allowed.
    • A cover garment.
    • An appropriate bag to carry your firearms, magazines, ammunition and other gear.
    • We will conduct courtesy equipment checks randomly to ensure you’re in compliance with the current rulebook.

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