January 2, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find on this page a compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions about DeSoto Rifle & Pistol Club.  Some answers will have links to other pages on our website for additional information.

Please also visit our About page to learn more about the range and what we offer.  Please visit our Join page to learn more about membership options and costs.  


Q:  Can I come and get an hourly / daily pass?  Can I come just to sight in my hunting rifle?

A:  DR&PC is a private, members only, facility.  As a member, you may use the facilities as you like.  DR&PC does not have hourly / daily / public passes available.  Please find more information about the facilities here, and more information about becoming a member here.


Q:  When can I come to the range to take a tour or sign-up?  How much does it cost to join the Club?  When do I need to renew by?  How long is my membership good for?  Who can be an associate member?

A:  You can find all of the information about becoming a member here.


Q:  I am a current member in good standing, can I bring guests who are not members with me?

A:  Yes, you may bring a maximum of two guests with you each visit.  Please note that the member is fully responsible for their guests and assumes all liability for their actions.


Q:  What type of facilities do you have?  How long is your longest rifle range?

A:  You can find all of the information about the facilities here.


Q:  What types of events and training do you have?

A:  We have monthly pistol matches (IDPA, Steel Challenge & 3-Gun).  You can find the schedule on the Calendar.  We offer the Mississippi Enhanced Carry Permit course several times a month as well as other training as demand indicates, see the Calendar for what’s on the schedule currently.


Q:  Where can I shoot my _____________________?

A:  Please see the Range Safety and Operation Rules for more information on what firearms are not allowed, and where allowed firearms (calibers) may be used.


Q:  I just got a new thermal / night scope and I need to get it sighted in, when can I do that?

A:  You will not be able to do so at DR&PC.  Shooting hours are from Sunup to Sundown and are strictly enforced.  There is no shooting after sundown.  When in doubt, DR&PC goes by the hours found on this page.


If you were unable to find the answer to your question, please click here for further assistance.