IDPA Scores Available

Thank you to all the shooters that came out to enjoy the beautiful shooting weather and help setup and tear down.   Thank you to Michael Jones for coordinating and running the event.  You can find all scores at We hope to see you next month for our IDPA match on Saturday, March 18th.

IDPA Rule Changes Summary

2015 to 2017 Rulebook Change Summary as of 1/15/2017 1.2 “Cover” now refers to a position where a shooter can engage targets with a portion of their upper and lower body behind an object such as a wall. (Forget everything you once knew about 100% of lower body and 50% of upper body.) 2.2 Intentionally[…]

We need trees!

We asked in our last member email news to please help us plant some trees behind the 600 yard berm, and we’ve found out that there are more counties participating in the Arbor Day giveaway.  Please see the information at the MS Forestry Commission website about participating locations, pick up trees, and bring them to[…]

Appleseed Clinics Added to the Schedule

Appleseed clinics are a great way to better your rifle marksmanship, whatever your current skill level. We’ve added two to the calendar, for the weekends of April 22-23rd, and August 26-27th. The goal of Project Appleseed is to give every American the skills to take a rack grade rifle and surplus ammunition and consistently hit silhouette[…]